Comic 77 - XTIN: REINCARRION take 2 pg 3

25th Sep 2016, 1:50 AM
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Jeremy Ray 25th Sep 2016, 1:50 AM edit delete
Jeremy Ray
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This time around I decided to explain the subtitle of the book, "The Opposition of Buddhism and Sadomasochism," in the beginning instead of leaving it as a mysterious thing to be discovered later. It boils down to a devil's choice between letting go, or holding on at the cost of your soul. If you've got a soul, which one would you choose? It's easier for the Ninewise, who don't have souls, or at least consciences. The Ninewise Masters are the psychopaths who were revealed and expelled from the Nawa. Without a conscience, evil is not an issue for them. They are perfectly adapted to live in the created sadomasochistic Nagaverse. The Nawa know everything about who the Ninewise are and why. Because the Nawa have consciences, they abhor the idea of the Ninewise and sadomasochism. They can't treat other people the way the Ninewise do. Given the choice, they would rather have the cessation of existance. With the Nagaverse breaking apart and dying, they can eventually have it. But that was a decision the Nawa made before they started having children. The guru found he couldn't hold his baby in his arms and wish it didn't exist. He had to choose option C.

I've struggled with what value these books have, since this is likely to be the only contribution to humanity I'll be able to make. I think "The Dragon's Dreamworld" is worthwhile. If you want to build a house, and there's a guy who loves burning down houses, you need to find that guy and take him out. That's the first step. I haven't seen anyone else suggest that BDSM isn't just an odd deviant behavior, but a foundational aspect of human organization and even a basic principle of the universe. That's a point in TDDW's favor. The idea of the hard buy-in to group membership isn't mine, but I haven't see anyone suggest as strongly as I have that the people have to continously reach out and "touch" their leaders to keep the sadomasochism down. IMO "The Dragon's Dreamworld" is valuable in proportion to the difficulty with which it is swallowed. Most people can't handle it. I couldn't handle these ideas either, when I first came across them, but time has proven the hard buy-in to leadership a necessity.

The second step is to define the right path forward and know it is achievable. That's going to be the role of "REINCARRION." "The Dragon's Dreamworld" ended with the people facing an adversary they had no apparent means of fighting. Several months passed before I randomly stumbled across an obscure way that might allow the people to "fight" back. It's always possible. Things that get pushed to the fringe eventually have their time to come to the forefront again. Nature likes waveforms, nothing stands in place forever. Perhaps the waveform of society can be shifted in an enduring way if a movement is built on true wisdom, but movements have a way of turning into scenes; and when a new crowd shows up to make the scene wisdom is the first thing to go out the window.

I haven't given much thought to what the next major book will be, if I'm in a position to do one (see my Patreon or buy a book, survival is not guaranteed). I'm planning a short sequence of character development books (Spider Princess Haki is the first) which aren't intended to have any great meaning. They will be solely about developing characters for the next major book. I hope they get used!

On the business progress front, a couple more books were sold, which means I'll make 1/5th of my "might possibly scrape by" goal this month. Or would have if the battery cable for my car hadn't ate it all up. That nice little problem is still not solved, as GM had the brilliant idea of putting a sensor around the cable head at the battery (to measure the heat of the battery as the alternator charges it, and adjust the voltage the alternator sends accordingly). This sensor does not fit on the replacement battery cable. I haven't figured this problem out yet but I haven't given it much time either. It took me three evenings just to get the new cable in. It goes all the way to the back seat of the car, where the engineers decided the battery should be. The reasons are good but it does make for a job if you have to change the positive cable.

For some reason I lost three followers on SmackJeeves, but gained as many on Deviant Art and Tapastic. I was surprised to make any progress with the baby page. I predict/guess I'll get two or three more DA watchers on this page. since it's more of an action page.