Comic 80 - XTIN: REINCARRION take 2 pg 65

19th Oct 2016, 6:54 PM
XTIN: REINCARRION take 2 pg 65
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Jeremy Ray 19th Oct 2016, 6:54 PM edit delete
Jeremy Ray
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Thoughts thoughts thoughts -

I wonder if I'm drawing enough skulls for this comic.

This page is a little late because I ended up doing six new pages for Spider Princess Haki instead of one. Individually none are terribly difficult. One is a blank page. But they add up. The transition between the intro and the main story was too abrupt, and it needed to be dealt with before rewards are released again. I tend to come down on the side of making things right instead of being on time with something that should be better, and that's what happened. The finished result is worth it.

I'm considering making a few changes to the business side. Gumroad charges a monthly fee regardless of sales, and I'm not seeing enough sales to support it. I'm going to shut down the Gumroad account after the next REINCARRION update, or within 2-3 days. Since I just did six SPH pages, my next page is going to be a REINCARRION page to make up for it.

I regret having to make this decision. Gumroad's analytics have been interesting and will be missed.

In the immediate future XTIN:TDDW will only be available on Patreon, and probably soon on DrawCrowd.

I'm also very close to deciding to suspend Spider Princess Haki. At this point in time there is not enough support to make a sidecomic worthwhile. I think I'm better off putting the time into REINCARRION. I suspect the patrons I do have aren't concerned with having an exclusive sidecomic. I don't think anyone has downloaded any of the rewards yet. My best guess is that the patrons are using Patreon as a donation system. If you're a Patron and you want to see SPH continue as an exclusive sidecomic, let me know. Otherwise I guess it will be the non-exclusive sequel to REINCARRION when REINCARRION finishes.

DrawCrowd continues to be both the most productive and least productive site (well, after Comic Fury) for me. I've had three or four pieces break into the daily ranking, and one of the TDDW pages has had over 43,000 views. I'm sure that's more than the total views of all my pages on Deviant Art. Maybe more than all the views of everything everywhere. SmackJeeves is showing less than two thousand, and SJ has by far the most activity of all the comic hosting sites.

I've been putting a link back to SmackJeeves in the comment section of my comic pages (on DrawCrowd), thinking it would drive traffic to SJ where there is a comic navigation system. I'm also doing this on Deviant Art. I don't believe I've received any traffic on SJ from DrawCrowd or DeviantArt. I thought I would see massive traffic spikes from both sites, especially DrawCrowd, but SJ's traffic has remained steady at it's normal low rate.

From this I draw the conclusion that people either don't follow links, or don't read the comments at all. Maybe that's why I see artists not commenting on their works.

I've seen a few hits on Gumroad from DrawCrowd, which means DrawCrowd is at least creating some interest. It's possible I'll see sales through Creator Studio. It would be great if that would happen, because I could drop several other sites where I'm getting little traffic and which are doing nothing to promote me. But so far the promising views on DrawCrowd have produced little interest in the comic, or any sales.

I've joined a couple voting rings and gotten XTIN into the upper 400's on TWC. It's entirely artificial, but someone who is interested in reading comics might be able to find XTIN now.