Comic 36 - XTIN: REINCARRION Issue 2 Page 4

20th Jun 2017, 4:12 AM in Chapter 1
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Jeremy Ray 20th Jun 2017, 4:12 AM edit delete
Jeremy Ray
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Trailer 1

I revisited the first promo video and pumped it up. The caustic lighting effect took a while but IMO was worth it. On the whole I'm not sure the first video was worth redoing, other than for the educational value, but it seems like it would have to be useful somewhere down the road.

About the page, I'm not sure the guru's logic holds up. He may be stressing out a little.

I've been busy on Patreon lately, uploading lots of stuff. There were not many rewards in the past, but that is changing. I've got a large volume of older work to upload and it will take some time to do it. I'm starting to appreciate the strength of Patreon for keeping touch with fans on a more frequent basis, and serving as a catch-all for art that doesn't fit on the comic sites, or isn't finished enough for an art site. I'd like to see more activity over there. I've got several free posts and will be doing more in the future, so why not check it out?

Finally, remember a year ago when I lost my job because a guy I was working with got busted for being a child molestor? The charges were dropped. It appears he was innocent after all. As far as I can tell the whole thing was made up by one of his kid's school teachers wanting to get at him. He still ended up in jail though due to financial problems caused by not being able to work due to being in jail on false child molestation charges. Total injustice for him and his family, and all those around him who lost their jobs, or the owner who had his business nearly ruined. In this case I hope that person can get a return on all the harm that radiated out from their vindictive behavior. They'll probably skate away with no consequences though.